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Status of this Memo

 This memo provides desperation for the Internet community.  It certainly
 does not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this
 memo is unlimited.

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 This document actually acts as a smoke screen for your PM / marketing 
 manager, in order for you to have a break chatting with fellow devs, while
 escaping the troubles of embarassing questions from people staring at your
 screen behind your back.

1. Rationale and Scope

 It's currently 03:18 in France, and if I could wander on the web for 
 temporary friendship from interesting strangers, I feel lazy.

 In a worlwide society where technology keeps evolving at a devil pace
 I am still wondering why I am still using console.log for debugging
 my shitty noob code. That question grew in a dramatic manner deep 
 inside of me for days. Until the light went back (I am at least pleased
 to consider things that way) :

	In every HN battles about languages supremacy,
	In every Quora questions raising the ancient duel of tabs vs spaces
	Could console.log be our common denominator ? 

 Think of it for a second: whether you use Clojure, Python or Node
 to program your boss' "next Snapchat", you would end up using,
 eventually, console.log at least once, to print some debuging messages.  
 "test", "Hello World", "GET 404 (NOT FOUND)", ... and
 maybe a myriad of other delightful sentences.

 But isn't it a shame to consider that the fate of this wonderful function
 would be to only accept those simple messages ? Couldn't we do better ?
 Those long hours spent with a coffee (or a teapot), staring at your screen,
 scanning every lines for bugs, and console.logging all the way can become
 exhausting. And, sometimes, it isn't easy to have fun at work :

 - Your fellow dev spent the night watching the whole season of 'Attack on
	 Titan' and is not in the mood for a chat.

 - Your PM is planning its next trip to Paris and keep repeating how romantic
	 his/her friend is.

 - It's Friday and you don't have anything special to post on DevRant. You
	 could still rant about pushing to prod a Friday at 5, but it has already
	 been done too often, and you're more of an original fellas, aren't you ?

 Well, I agree you still have lots of possibilities to fill your time : working
 playing, testing that new framework, ... But why not chatting with other ?
 And even better, why not chatting peacefully, while giving your non-techies 
 relatives that you are currently in serious research business ?

 I may be alone, and I would accept it (that would give me at least a great 
 opportunity to finally get my stress ball on devrant). 

 But if you also feel alone right now, just Ctrl+Shift+J and start chatting.
 I have tried to make that text sufficiently scary for any non-tech PM, manager,
 boss whatsoever to stop spying you behind your back. The console shoud also help,

  It's quite easy to use, just make use of the "send" s function :
  s(message, [style])
  @message: it sounds quite easy to guess.
  @style: console.log allows some CSS styling, expressed in the form of a string.

	 Ex: s("YOLO", "color: red; background: blue") // This is for the french out there.

 Hope to see you soon on there, I wish you a great night / day / time / anything you like.

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